The Fujitsu Microelectronics MB88346L is a 12-channel 8-bit D/A converter capable of low-voltage operation that has amplifiers built into each of the 12 analog output lines to deliver heavy-current drive capability.
The use of serial data input means that only three control lines are required, and enables cascade connection of multiple MB88346L chips.
The MB88346L is suitable for applications such as electronic volume controls and replacing trimmer potentiometers in tuning systems. In addition, the MB88346L is both function-compatible and pin-compatible the currently used MB88346B, making it easy to reduce the voltage level of a system by simply replacing the MB88346B with the MB88346L.

*Low voltage operation (VCC/VDD : 2.7 V to 3.6 V)
*Ultra-low power consumption (0.5 mW/ch at VCC = 3 V)
*Ultra-compact space-saving package lineup (SSOP-20)
*Contains 12-channel R-2R type 8-bit D/A converter
*On-chip analog output amps (sink current max. 1.0 mA, source current max. 1.0 mA)
*Analog output range from 0 to VCC
*Two separate power supply/ground lines for MCU interface block/operational amplifier output buffer block and D/A converter block
*Serial data input : maximum operating speed 2.5 MHz
(maximum operating speed in cascade connection is 1.5 MHz)
*CMOS process
*Package lineup includes DIP 20-pin, SSOP 20-pin

MB88346LP, MB88346LPFV

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