The LX8585/85A Series ICs are low dropout three-terminal regulators with a minimum of 4.6A output current. Pentium® Processor and Power PCTM applications requiring fast transient response are ideally suited for this product family. The LX8585A is guaranteed to have < 1.2V at 4.6A, while the LX8585 are specified for 1.4V, making them ideal to provide well regulated outputs of 2.5V to 3.6V using a 5V input supply. Fixed versions are also available and specified in the Available Options table below. Current limit is trimmed above 4.6A to ensure adequate output current and controlled short-circuit current. On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any possible overload that would create excessive junction temperatures. The LX8585/85A family is available in both through-hole and surface-mount versions of the industry standard 3-pin TO-220 / TO-263 power packages.
The LX1431 Programmable Reference and LX8585A Series products offer precision output voltage and are ideal for use in VRE applications (see application below). For higher current applications, see the LX8584 data sheet.

*Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Output
*Guaranteed < 1.2V headroom @ 4.6A (LX8585A)
*Guaranteed < 1.4V headroom @ 4.6A (LX8585)
*Guaranteed < 1.3V Headroom @ 3A
*Output Current of 4.6A Minimum
*Fast Transient Response
*1% Voltage Reference Initial Accuracy
*Output Short Circuit Protection
*Built-In Thermal Shutdown

*Pentium Processor Supplies
*Power PC Supplies
*Microprocessor Supplies
*Low Voltage Logic Supplies
*Battery Powered Circuit
*Post Regulator for Switching Supply
*CYRIX® 6x86™ Supplies
*AMD-K5™ Supplies

LX858A-xx, LX8585-00, LX85A-00, LX8585-15, LX85A-15, LX8585-33, LX85A-33

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