The LV4124W is a LCD panel driver for use in lowtemperature polysilicon TFT LCDs that integrates an RGB decoder, a driver, and a timing controller in a single chip.
This IC is manufactured in Bi-CMOS process and supports the ALP202 2.0-inch color LCD panel.

• Analog block: RGB decoder/driver
• Digital block: Timing generator

• Supports NTSC/PAL standard
• Supports composite, Y/C, and Y/color difference inputs
• Built-in BPF, TRAP, and DL circuits
• Sharpness function
• Dual point g correction circuit
• Pre-charge circuit
• R and B outputs delay time correction circuit (Supports up and down and right and left inversions)
• Polarity reverse circuit
• External RGB input supported
• Line inversion supported
• Supports AC drive for the LCD panel during no signal
• Serial bus for mode setting and electric VR

• SQFP-64 plastic package
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