The UTC LR1108 operate from a +2.5V ~ +7.0V input supply as fast ultra low-dropout linear regulators. Wide output voltage range options are available. The fast response characteristic to make UTC LR1108 suitable for low voltage microprocessor application.
The low quiescent current operation and low dropout quality caused by the CMOS process.
The UTC LR1108 has ultra low dropout voltage; 300mV at 600mA load current typically.
The ground pin current is typically 200uA at 1mA load current. ERROR Flag: When the output voltage drops 10% below nominal value Error flag goes low.
Output Voltage Precision: Multiple output voltage options are available and ranging from 1.2V ~ 5.0V at room temperature with a guaranteed accuracy of ±1.5%, and ±3.0% when varying line, load and temperature.

* Ultra low dropout voltage
* Low ground pin current
* 0.04% load regulation
* The guaranteed output current is 1A DC
* Output voltage accuracy ± 1.5%
* ERROR flag indicates output status
* Low output capacitor required
* Overtemperature protection and overcurrent protection


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