General Description
The LPV521 is a single nanopower 552 nW amplifier designed for ultra long life battery applications. The operating voltage range of 1.6V to 5.5V coupled with typically 351 nA of supply current make it well suited for RFID readers and remote sensor nanopower applications. The device has input common mode voltage 0.1V over the rails, guaranteed TCVOS and voltage swing to the rail output performance. The LPV521 has a carefully designed CMOS input stage that outperforms competitors with typically 40 fA IBIAS currents. This low input current significantly reduces IBIAS and IOS errors introduced in megohm resistance, high impedance photodiode, and charge sense situations. The LPV521 is a member of the PowerWise® family and has an exceptional power-to-performance ratio.
The wide input common mode voltage range, guaranteed 1 mV VOS and 3.5 μV/°C TCVOS enables accurate and stable measurement for both high side and low side current sensing. EMI protection was designed into the device to reduce sensitivity to unwanted RF signals from cell phones or other RFID readers.
The LPV521 is offered in the 5-pin SC-70 package.

(For VS = 5V, Typical unless otherwise noted)
*Supply current at VCM = 0.3V 400 nA (max)
*Operating voltage range 1.6V to 5.5V
*Low TCVOS 3.5 μV/°C (max)
*VOS 1 mV (max)
*Input bias current 40 fA
*PSRR 109 dB
*CMRR 102 dB
*Open loop gain 132 dB
*Gain bandwidth product 6.2 kHz
*Slew rate 2.4 V/ms
*Input voltage noise at f = 100 Hz 255 nV/√Hz
*Temperature range −40°C to 125°C

*Wireless remote sensors
*Powerline monitoring
*Power meters
*Battery powered industrial sensors
*Micropower oxygen sensor and gas sensor
*Active RFID readers
*Zigbee based sensors for HVAC control
*Sensor network powered by energy scavenging


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