General Description
The LP38855 is a high-current, fast-response regulator which can maintain output voltage regulation with an extremely low input to output voltage drop. Fabricated on a CMOS process,
the device operates from two input voltages: VBIAS provides power for the internal bias and control circuits, as well as drive for the gate of the N-MOS power transistor, while VIN supplies
power to the load. The use of an external bias rail allows the part to operate from ultra low VIN voltages. Unlike bipolar regulators, the CMOS architecture consumes extremely low quiescent
current at any output load current. The use of an NMOS power transistor results in wide bandwidth, yet minimum external capacitance is required to maintain loop stability.
The fast transient response of this device makes it suitable for use in powering DSP, Microcontroller Core voltages and Switch Mode Power Supply post regulators. The LP38855 is
available in TO-220 and TO-263 5-Lead packages.
Dropout Voltage: 130 mV (typical) at 1.5A load current.
Low Ground Pin Current: 14 mA (typical) at 1.5A load current.
Shutdown Current: 1 μA (typical) IIN(GND) when EN pin is low.
Precision Output Voltage: ±1.0% for TJ = 25°C and ±2.0% for 0°C ≤ TJ ≤ +125°C, across all line and load conditions

*Standard VOUT values of 0.8V and 1.2V
*Wide VBIAS Supply operating range of 3.0V to 5.5V
*Stable with 10 μF ceramic capacitors
*Dropout voltage of 130 mV (typical) at 1.5A load current
*Precision Output Voltage across all line and load
 ±1.0% for TJ = 25°C
 ±2.0% for 0°C ≤ TJ ≤ +125°C
 ±3.0% for -40°C ≤ TJ ≤ +125°C
*Over-Temperature and Over-Current protection
*Available in 5 lead TO-220 and TO-263 packages
*Custom VOUT values between 0.8V and 1.2V are available
*-40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

*ASIC Power Supplies In:
 Desktops, Notebooks, and Graphics Cards, Servers
 Gaming Set Top Boxes, Printers and Copiers
* Server Core and I/O Supplies
*DSP and FPGA Power Supplies
*SMPS Post-Regulator

LP38855S-0.8, LP38855SX-0.8, LP38855S-1.2, LP38855SX-1.2

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