The LA7605M is a flat panel display color TV signal-processing I2C bus controller IC that supports all the broadcast standards used worldwide.

• VIF/SIF bloc
Adjustment-free VCO, 4-mode audio trap/audio bandpass filter, buzz canceller RF AGC/video level
• Single crystal color system : PAL and NTSC
• Black stretch, sharpness control with coring on/off control, built-in variable Y system filters
(Y-DL and chrominance trap)
• Chrominance bandpass filter, demodulation ratio/angle control, support for CbCr input
• VS, HS, and BGP outputs, C-sync output, FSC output
• Dynamic contrast control
• VIF, SIF, video, and sync separator circuits with superlative weak field and nonstandard signal characteristics
• Adjustment-free VIF/SIF, audio trap, and audio bandpass filters
• Horizontal resonator-less adjustment-free system
• Supply voltage : VCC = 5V

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