• High gain of 51dB typ. and high power output of 12W typ.
• Possible to delete output and bootstrap capacitors, this encourages cost and space reductions due to external parts reduction.
• Reduced external components (8 pieces recommended, 6 pieces minimum).
• Almost no pop noises heard during power on or off operation.
• Soft tonal quality in saturated power output.
• Low distortion over low to high ranges of the audio frequencies.
• Low residual noises (Rg=0).
• Good operation conditions because of SIP (single ended pins) package having been employed for the LA4460N.
• All pin terminal layouts of the LA4461N are reversed for easy stereo PC board pattern arrengement.
• Two ground terminals for pre-amplifier and power amplifier are provided for easy PC board pattern arrangement
and for stabilizing distortion chracteristics depending on signal source impedance.
• Voltage gain is fixed at 51dB, however, lowering the gain is possible by adding a resistor.
• IC is not damaged, if it is connected reversely.
• Audio muting functions (AC mute & DC mute) are equipped.
• Several protection circuits are installed, including :
a. Thermal protection circuit.
b. Overvoltage & surge voltage protection circuit.
c. Load short-circuit current limiting protection circuit.
d. Output pins DC short-circuit protection circuit.
(grounding protection between OUT & GND, and speaker protection provided.)

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