General description
The ISP1505 is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) high-speed host and peripheral transceiver that is fully compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0 and UTMI+ Low Pin Interface (ULPI) Specification Rev. 1.1.
The ISP1505 can transmit and receive USB data at high-speed (480 Mbit/s), full-speed (12 Mbit/s) and low-speed (1.5 Mbit/s), and provides a pin-optimized, physical layer front-end attachment to USB host, peripheral and OTG devices.
It is ideal for use in portable electronic devices, such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and digital audio players. It allows USB Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) and any system chip set to interface with the physical layer of the USB through a 12-pin interface.
The ISP1505 can interface to the link with digital I/O voltages in the range of 1.65 V to 3.6 V.
The ISP1505 is available in HVQFN24 package.

*Fully complies with:
- Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0
- UTMI+ Low Pin Interface (ULPI) Specification Rev. 1.1
*Interfaces to host and peripheral cores; optimized for stand-alone and embedded host applications with an external VBUS supply; stand-alone peripheral cores, and Session Request Protocol (SRP)-capable peripheral cores
*Complete Hi-Speed USB physical front-end solution that supports high-speed (480 Mbit/s), full-speed (12 Mbit/s) and low-speed (1.5 Mbit/s)
- Integrated 45 W ± 10 % high-speed termination resistors, 1.5 kW ± 5 % full-speed device pull-up resistor, and 15 kW ± 5 % host termination resistors
- Integrated parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel converters to transmit and receive
- USB clock and data recovery to receive USB data up to ±500 ppm
- Insertion of stuff bits during transmit and discarding of stuff bits during receive
- Non-Return-to-Zero Inverted (NRZI) encoding and decoding
- Supports bus reset, suspend, resume and high-speed detection handshake (chirp)
*Supports SRP for reduced power consumption
- Complete control over bus resistors
- Data line and VBUS pulsing session request methods
- Integrated VBUS voltage comparators
*Highly optimized ULPI compliant
- 60 MHz, 8-bit interface between the core and the transceiver
- Supports 60 MHz output clock configuration
- Integrated Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) supporting one crystal or clock frequency:
19.2 MHz (ISP1505ABS) and 26 MHz (ISP1505CBS)
- Fully programmable ULPI-compliant register set
- Internal Power-On Reset (POR) circuit
*Flexible system integration and very low current consumption, optimized for portable devices
- Power-supply input range is 3.0 V to 3.6 V
- Internal voltage regulator supplies 3.3 V and 1.8 V
- Supports external VBUS charge pump
- External VBUS source is controlled using the PSW_N pin; open-drain PSW_N allows per-port or ganged power control
- FAULT input pin to monitor the external VBUS supply status
- Supports wide range interfacing I/O voltage of 1.65 V to 3.6 V; separate I/O voltage pins minimize crosstalk
- Typical operating current of 10 mA to 48 mA, depending on the USB speed and bus utilization
- Typical suspend current of 35 mA
*Full industrial grade operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C
*4 kV ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection on pins DP, DM, VBUS and GND
*Available in a small HVQFN24 (4 mm ´ 4 mm) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant, halogen-free and lead-free package

*Digital still camera
*Digital TV
*Digital Video Disc (DVD) recorder
*External storage device, for example:
- Magneto-Optical (MO) drive
- Optical drive: CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD
- Zip drive
*Mobile phone
*MP3 player
*Set-Top Box (STB)
*Video camera

ISP1505C, ISP1505ABS, ISP1505CBS


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