The ISL6745A is a low-cost double-ended voltage-mode PWM controller designed for half-bridge and full-bridge power supplies and line-regulated bus converters. It provides precise control of switching frequency, adjustable soft-start, and overcurrent shutdown. In addition, the ISL6745A allows for accurate adjustment of MOSFET non-overlap time (“deadtime”) with deadtimes as low as 35ns, allowing power engineers to optimize the efficiency of open-loop bus converters. The ISL6745A also includes a control voltage input for closed-loop PWM and line voltage feed-forward functions. The ISL6745A is identical to the ISL6745, but is optimized for higher noise environments.
Low start-up and operating currents allow for easy biasing in both AC/DC and DC/DC applications. This advanced BiCMOS design also features adjustable switching frequency up to 1MHz, 1A FET drivers, and very low propagation delays for a fast response to overcurrent faults. The ISL6745A is available in a space-saving MSOP-10 package and is guaranteed to meet rated specifications over a wide -40°C to +105°C temperature range.

*Precision Duty Cycle and Deadtime Control
*100μA Start-up Current
*Adjustable Delayed Overcurrent Shutdown and Re-Start
*Adjustable Oscillator Frequency Up to 2MHz
*1A MOSFET Gate Drivers
*Adjustable Soft-Start
*Internal Over-Temperature Protection
*35ns Control to Output Propagation Delay
*Small Size and Minimal External Component Count
*Input Undervoltage Protection
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)

*Half-bridge Converters
*Full-bridge Converters
*Line-regulated Bus Converters
*AC/DC Power Supplies
*Telecom, Datacom, and File Server Power


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