This IC takes full advantage of IR’s patented ballast and high-voltage technologies to realize a simple, highperformance dimming ballast solution. A single high-voltage pin senses the half-bridge current and voltage to perform necessary ballast protection functions. The DC dim input voltage reference and the AC lamp current feedback have been coupled together allowing a single pin to be used for dimming. Combining these high-voltage control algorithms together with a simple dimming method in a single 8-pin IC results in a large reduction in component count, an increase in manufacturability and reliability, a reduced design cycle time, while maintaining high dimming ballast system performance

IC Features
*Dimming ballast control plus half-bridge driver
*Closed-loop lamp current dimming control
*Internal non-ZVS protection
*Internal crest factor protection
*Programmable preheat time
*Fixed dead-time (2.0μs typ.)
*Lamp insert auto-restart
*Internal bootstrap MOSFET
*Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on Vcc
*Micropower startup (250μA)
*Latch immunity and ESD protection

Ballast System Features
*Single chip dimming solution
*Simple lamp current dimming control method
*Single lamp current sensing resistor required
*No half-bridge current-sensing resistor required
*No external protection circuits required (fully internal)
*Flash-free lamp start at all dimming levels
*Large reduction in component count
*Easy to use for fast design cycle time
*Increased manufacturability and reliability

Typical applications
*Linear dimming ballast (down to 10%)
*3-way dimming ballast
*Multi-level switch dimming ballast


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