The IR3710 is a single-phase sync-buck PWM controller optimized for efficiency in high performance portable electronics. The switching modulator uses constant on-time control. Constant on-time with diode emulation provides the highest light-load efficiency required for all.
Programmable switching frequency, soft start, and over current protection allows for a very flexible solution suitable for many different applications. The combination of the gate drive charge pump option and constant on time control allow efficiency optimization in the whole output current range, making this device an ideal choice for battery powered applications.
Additional features include pre-bias startup, very precise 0.5V reference, over/under voltage shut down, power good output, and enable input with voltage monitoring capability.

*Input Voltage Range: 3V to 28V
*Output Voltage Range: 0.5V to 12V
*Constant On-Time control
*Excellent Efficiency at very low output current levels
*Gate drive charge pump option to maximize efficiency at higher output current levels
*Compensation Loop not Required
*Programmable switching frequency, soft start, and over current protection
*Power Good Output
*Precision Voltage Reference (0.5V, +/-1%)
*Enable Input with Voltage Monitoring Capability
*Pre-bias Start Up
*Under/Over Voltage Fault Protection
*16pin 3x3 MLPQ lead free package
*RoHS compliant

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