The IR3640M is a synchronous Buck PWM controller designed for performance demanding DC/DC applications. The single loop voltage mode architecture simplifies design while delivery precise output voltage regulation and fast transient response. Because of its wide input and output voltage range it can be used in a large variety of point of load applications within a system and across different markets.
The part is designed to drive a pair of N-Channel MOSFETs from 250kHz to 1.5Mhz switching frequency giving designers the flexibility to optimize the solution for best efficiency or smallest footprint. The output voltage can be precisely regulated from as low as 0.7V within a tolerance of +/-1% over temperature, line and load variations.
The device also integrates a diversity of features including; programmable soft start, pre-bias start up, voltage tracking, external synchronization, enable input and Power Good output. Fault protection features include thermal shutdown, over voltage and over current shutdown and under voltage lock out.

*4.5V to 5.5V external supply
*Wide Input voltage from 1.5V to 24V
*Output voltage range: 0.7V to 0.9*Vin
*Programmable switching frequency up to 1.5MHz
*Programmable Soft-start
*Hiccup mode over current protection using Rds(on) sensing
*Programmable OCP
*Reference voltage 0.7V (+/-1%, 0oC <Tj<125oC)
*Enhanced Pre-bias start up
*Output voltage tracking
*Integrated MOSFET drivers and bootstrap diode
*Operating temp: -40oC <Tj<125oC
*External synchronization
*Power Good output
*Thermal shut down
*Over voltage protection
*Enable Input with voltage monitoring capability
*Pb-Free & Halogen-Free (RoHS Compliant)
*20 -Lead MLPQ package (3mmx4mm)

*Point of Load Power Architectures
*Server & Netcom Applications
*Game Consoles
*General DC/DC Converters

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