The ICS85454-01 is a 2:1/1:2 Multiplexer and a member of the HiPerClockSTM family of high performance clock solutions from ICS. The 2:1 Multiplexer allows one of 2 inputs to be selected onto one output pin and the 1:2 MUX switches one input to both of two outputs. This device may be useful for multiplexing multi-rate Ethernet PHYs which have 100Mbit and 1000Mbit transmit/receive pairs onto an optical SFP module which has a single transmit/receive pair. Another mode allows loop back testing and allows the output of a PHY transmit pair to be routed to the PHY input pair. For examples, please refer to the Application Information section of the data sheet.
The ICS85454-01 is optimized for applications requiring very high performance and has a maximum operating frequency in 2.5GHz. The device is packaged in a small, 3mm x 3mm VFQFN package, making it ideal for use on space-constrained boards.

*Dual 2:1/1:2 MUX
*Three LVDS outputs
*Three differential inputs
*Differential inputs can accept the following differential levels: LVPECL, LVDS, CML
*Loopback test mode available
*Maximum output frequency: 2.5GHz
*Part-to-part skew: 250ps (maximum)
*Additive phase jitter, RMS: 0.05ps (typical)
*Propagation delay: 550ps (maximum)
*2.5V operating supply
*-40°C to 85°C ambient operating temperature
*Available in both standard and lead-free RoHS compliant packages

ICS85454AK-01, ICS85454AK-01T, ICS85454AK-01LF, ICS85454AK-01LFT

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