The HPND-4005 planar beam lead PIN diode is constructed to offer exceptional lead strength while achieving excellent electrical performance at high frequencies.
High beam strength offers users superior assembly yield, while extremely low capacitance allows high isolation to be realized.
Nitride passivation and polyimide coating provide reliable device protection.

*High Breakdown Voltage 120 V Typical
*Low Capacitance 0.017 pF Typical
*Low Resistance 4.7 W Typical
*Rugged Construction 4 Grams Minimum Lead Pull
*Nitride Passivated

The HPND-4005 beam lead PIN diode is designed for use in stripline or microstrip circuits.
Applications include switching, attenuating, phase shifting, limiting, and modulating at microwave frequencies. The extremely low capacitance of the HPND-4005 makes it ideal for
circuits requiring high isolation in a series diode configuration.

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