General Description
The HMC616LP3(E) is a GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifi er that is ideal for Cellular/3G and LTE/WiMAX/4G basestation front-end receivers operating between 175 and 660 MHz. The amplifi er has been optimized to provide 0.5 dB noise fi gure, 24 dB gain and +37 dBm output IP3 from a single supply of +5V. Input and output return losses are excellent with minimal external matching and bias decoupling components. The HMC616LP3(E) shares the same package and pinout with the HMC617-LP3(E) and HMC618LP3(E) LNAs. The HMC616LP3(E) can be biased with +3V to +5V and features an externally adjustable supply current which allows the designer to tailor the linearity performance of the LNA for each application.

*Low Noise Figure: 0.5 dB
*High Gain: 24 dB
*High Output IP3: +37 dBm
*Single Supply: +3V to +5V
*50 Ohm Matched Input/Output
*16 Lead 3x3mm QFN Package: 9 mm2

Typical Applications
The HMC616LP3(E) is ideal for:
*Cellular/3G and LTE/WiMAX/4G
*BTS & Infrastructure
*Repeaters and Femtocells
*Public Safety Radio
*DAB Receivers


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