General Description
The HMC-C049 is a 7 - 14 GHz double balanced mixer which provides a low conversion loss, high isolation, and a wide IF bandwidth. This mixer does not require a DC bias and can operate with an LO power level of +9 dBm. The package is a hermetically sealed module that is assembled and tested to meet MIL-883-STD qualifications.
This product comes standard with three female SMA fi eld replaceable connectors that can also be intercharged with blind mate SMP connectors or detached to allow direct connection of the I/O Pins to a microstrip or coplaner circuit.

*Passive Double Balanced Topology
*High LO/RF Isolation: 48 dB
*Low Conversion Loss: 7 dB
*Wide IF Bandwidth: DC - 5 GHz
*Robust 1,000V ESD, Class 1C
*Hermetic Module

Typical Applications
*The HMC-C049 is ideal for:
*Point-to-Point Radios
*Point-to-Mulit-Point Radios
*Test Equipment & Sensors
*Military End-Use

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