The HD66523 is a common driver for liquid crystal dot-matrix graphic display system. This device incorporates a 240 liquid crystal driver and an oscillator, and generates timing signals (line scanning signals and frame synchronizing signals) required for the liquid crystal display. It features a new LCD driving technique for better quality of display and low power dissipation. Combined with the HD66522, a 160-channel column driver with an internal RAM, the HD66523 is optimal for use in displays for portable information tools.

*LCD timing generator: 1/200, 1/240 duty cycle timing are generated internally.
*Number of LCD drivers: 240
*Power supply voltage: 2.4V to 3.6V
*High voltage LCD drive circuit: ±20V
*LCD driving technique: Multi-line addressing for low power consumption.
*Programmable vertical retrace period: zero to 192 lines
*Low power consumption
*Internal display off function
*On-chip oscillator combined with external resistor and capacitor.
*Package: TCP

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