The HD66520 is a column driver for liquid crystal dot-matrix graphic display systems. This LSI incorporates 160 liquid crystal drive circuits and a 160 ´ 240 ´ 2-bit bit-map RAM, which is suitable for LCDs in portable information devices. It also includes a general-purpose SRAM interface so that draw access can be easily implemented from a general-purpose CPU. The HD66520 also has a new arbitration method which prevents flicker when the CPU performs draw access asynchronously. The on-chip display RAM greatly decreases power consumption compared to previous liquid crystal display systems because there is no need for high-speed data transfer. The chip also incorporates a four-level grayscale controller for enhanced graphics capabilities, such as icons on a screen.

*Duty cycle: 1/64 to 1/240
*Liquid crystal drive circuits: 160
*Low-voltage logic circuit: 3.0 to 5.5-V operation power supply voltage
*High-voltage liquid crystal drive circuit: 8 to 28-V liquid crystal drive voltage
*Grayscale display: FRC four-level grayscale display
*Grayscale memory management: Packed pixel
*Internal bit-map display RAM: 76800 bits (160 ´ 240 lines ´ two planes)
*CPU interface
-SRAM interface
-Address bus: 16 bits, data bus: 8 bits

HD66520TA0, HD66520TB0

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