The GX4314 is a wideband video multiplexer implemented in bipolar technology. This device is characterized by excellent differential phase and gain in the enabled state, very high off-isolation in the disabled state and fully buffered unilateral signal path. Make-before-break switching assures virtually glitch-free switching.
For use in NxM routing matrices, the GX4314 features a very high, nearly constant input impedance coupled with high output impedance in the disabled state. This allows multiple devices to be paralleled at the inputs and outputs without additional circuitry.
Logic inputs are TTL and 5V CMOS compatible, providing address and chip select functions. The operation of the devices is described in the Truth Table below. The wideband GX4314 is pin for pin compatible with the high performance GX414, extending the flat frequency response characteristics from 50 to 100 MHz.

*low differential phase and gain
*wide bandwidth, 100 MHz at -1 dB (Flattened)
*small switching transient
*±4.5 to ± 11 volts supplies

*Very high quality video switching
*Very high density video switching
*Computer graphics
*PCM / data routing

GX4314-CDB, GX4314-CKB

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