The GS9068 is a second generation high-speed bipolar integrated circuit designed to drive one or two 75Ω co-axial cables at data rates up to 540Mb/s.
The GS9068 accepts a LVPECL level differential input, which may be AC coupled. External biasing resistors at the inputs are not required.
Power consumption is typically 160mW using a +3.3V DC power supply.

*SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 344M compliant
*dual coaxial cable driving outputs
*50Ω differential PECL input
*single 3.3V power supply operation
*space-saving 8-lead SOIC
*operating temperature range: 0°C to 70°C
*pin compatible with GS1528 HD-LINX™ II multirate SDI dual slew-rate cable driver
*Pb-free and Green

*SMPTE 259M Coaxial Cable Serial Digital Interfaces

GS9068-CKA, GS9068-CTA, GS9068-CKAE3, GS9068-CTAE3
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