GM6250 combine high accuracy with very low power consumption, and provides high output current even when the application requires extremely low input-output voltage differential.
GM6250 includes a precision voltage reference, an error correction circuit, over-temperature protection, and a current limited output driver. Fast transient response to load variations provides excellent stability under dynamic load conditions.
GM6250 comes in SOT-23 (150mW), SOT-89 (500mW) and TO-92 packages.

*Maximum output current 250mA (within maximum power dissipation)
*Output voltage: from 1.8 V to 5.0V in 0.1V increments
*Output voltage ±2%
*CMOS low power consumption, typically 1.0μA at VOUT = 5.0V
*Input stability typically 0.2%/ V
*Ultra-low dropout voltage 0.38V @ IOUT = 200mA at VOUT = 5.0V
*Small input/ output differential: 0.4V at 160mA (VOUT = 3.3V)
*SOT-23 (150mW), SOT-89 (500mW) and TO-92 packages

*Portable Cameras
*Video Recorders
*Battery Powered Equipment
*Reference Voltage Sources

GM6250-1.5ST23R, GM6250-1.5ST89R, GM6250-1.5T92B, GM6250-1.5T92RL

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