Low impedance 30V-40V MOSFETs lower power dissipation and improve efficiency for high power automotive systems

San Jose, California – December 20, 2007 – Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) provides automotive designers another compelling solution for improving the efficiency and power dissipation of their designs with its eleven new 30V-40V MOSFETs with ultra-low on resistance (2.1mOhms to 5.5 mOhms). Lower RDS(ON)  results in lower heat generation, the elimination of costly heat sinks and improved system efficiency for high power automotive systems such as braking, steering, radiator fan motor control, suspension, HVACs and starter/alternators. This, in turn, provides automobiles with better fuel efficiency and performance. In addition, this new series meets the automotive industry’s “Q101” standard, which is the most stringent set of reliability requirements in the semiconductor industry.

Automotive applications continue to move from mechanical to electronic systems. High current applications such as power steering, advanced braking systems, air conditioning, cooling systems and active suspensions are quickly adopting electrical control due to the consumer demand for improved efficiency. These electronic systems come with increased power requirements and rely on semiconductor suppliers to provide power MOSFETs with the lowest possible on resistance to reduce system power generation and unwanted heat. Using 30V-40V MOSFETs in automotive systems is a primary means of solving these challenges.

This new series also includes the FDB8444TS featuring temperature sense capability for monitoring and protection. If there is an unexpected rise in temperature, this temperature sense MOSFET will protect the system from adverse consequences.

All of these devices are part of Fairchild’s comprehensive portfolio of automotive products. Fairchild’s unique capabilities in advanced process and packaging technologies as well as its ability to integrate power analog, power discrete and optoelectronic functionality into innovative packaging, enable Fairchild to develop energy efficient solutions that continue to provide exceptional value in the automotive electronics market. For more information, visit our automotive page at"/automotive

These 30V-40V MOSFETs utilize lead-free (Pb-free) terminals and have been characterized for moisture sensitivity in accordance with the Pb-free reflow requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020. All of Fairchild's products are designed to meet the requirements of the European Union's Directive on the restriction of the use of certain substances (RoHS).

Product Number BVDSS Gate Drive RDS(ON) Package Price (each) US$ 1K pcs
FDB8832 30V LL 2.1mOhm TO263 $1.40
FDD8444L 40V LL 6.0mOhm TO252 $0.65
FDB8441 40V SG 2.5mOhm TO263 $1.40
FDP8441 40V SG 2.7mOhm TO220 $1.40
FDI8441 40V SG 2.7mOhm TO262 $1.40
FDB8442 40V SG 2.9mOhm TO263 $1.20
FDI8442 40V SG 2.9mOhm TO262 $1.20
FDP8442 40V SG 3.1mOhm TO220 $1.20
FDB8443 40V SG 3.0mOhm TO263 $1.05
FDP8443 40V SG 3.5mOhm TO220 $1.05
FDB8444TS 40V SG 5.0mOhm TO263-5 $1.30

Price: See table

Availability: samples available now

Delivery: 10 weeks ARO

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