• Three channel video reconstruction filters
• YUV/RGB filters
• 2:1 Mux inputs for multiple RGB/YUV inputs
• Selectable 8MHz or 30MHz 6th order filters for RGB (YUV) applications
• 8MHz 6th order Y, C filters with composite summer
• DC coupled input, AC coupled output
• All outputs can drive AC coupled 150Ω loads and provide 6dB of gain
• Dual multiplexed inputs
• 0.6% differential gain with 0.2° differential phase
• 36dB/octave roll-off on all channels

 The FMS6419 offers comprehensive filtering for set top box or DVD applications. This part consists of a triple 6th order filter with selectable 30MHz or 8MHz frequencies.
 A 2-to-1 multiplexer is provided on each filter channel. The triple filters are intended for either YUV or RGB signals. All channels accept DC coupled ground-referenced 1V signals.
 The filters provide 2Vpp signals into AC coupled terminated loads. The low-pass filters are powered by 3.3V and the outputs by 5.0V.

• Cable Set top boxes
• Satellite Set top boxes
• DVD players
• Personal Video Recorders (PVR)
• Video On Demand (VOD)

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