The EU101x is an OTP type 8-bit micro-controller with 2(EU1010)/4(EU1011) channels of 10-bit A/D converter using advanced CMOS process. The EU101x is specially designed for various industrial field applications. The EU101x incorporates two sets of 8-bit timer/counters, where timer0/1 is specially designed for PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) generator. There are 8 I/O ports and 12 I/O ports with EU1010 and EU1011, respectively. Considering form factor and manufacturability, the EU1010 is packaged into 10-pin non-JEDEC-standard compact-size SOP while the EU1011 is packaged into 14-pin non-JEDEC-standard compact-size SOP.

*2.2V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
*8 I/O ports in EU1010
*12 I/O ports in EU1011
*RAM size: 128 x 8 bits
*The STACK RAM is included.
*Program ROM size: 4K x 8 bits OTP
*10 bits A/D Converter input source.
-EU1010: 2 channels
-EU1011: 4 channels
*One set of 16-bit down count timer and one set of 8-bit timer.
*Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 ℃
*Build-in Low Voltage Reset (LVR) circuit.
*Oscillator: Internal RC oscillation.

EU1011, EU1010-XX-SUR, EU1011-XX-SUR, EU1010-XX-SUT, EU1011-XX-SUT
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