The EP1551 is a small, high efficiency, five-channel, power-supply for digital still and video cameras. It consists of:
*Step-up DC-DC converter with on-chip power MOSFETs for 3.3V main system supply with up to 95% efficiency. It accepts inputs from 0.7V to 5.5V and regulates a resistor-adjustable output from 2.7V to 5.5V.
*Step-down main DC-DC converter with on-chip power MOSFETs for 1.5V DSP core supply with up to 92% efficiency. It can operate from the Step-up main system supply providing buck-boost capability with up to 90% compound efficiency, or it can run directly from battery if buck-boost operation is not needed.
*PWM controller with external FET for Step-up DC-DC converter for 5V motor actuator
*PWM controller with external FET for 15V LCD supply
*PWM controller with external FET and transformer for –7.5V and +15V CCD Bias
All DC-DC channels operate at one fixed frequency settable from 100KHz to 1MHz to optimize size, cost and efficiency. Other features include soft-start, power-OK outputs, and overload protection. The EP1551 is available in apace saving QFN-32 5 x 5 mm packages. An evaluation kit is also available to expedite design.

*Up to 95% efficiency Step-up and up to 92% efficient Step-down converters
*Combine Step-up and Step-down for up to 87% efficiency buck-boost operations
*Minimum 0.7V input voltage
*2μA shutdown mode
*Internal soft start control
*Overload protection
*Compact QFN-32 5 x 5 mm package

*Digital still camera
*Digital video camera
*Portable DVD Player
*Car navigation

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