General Description
The eKA8566A is a USB digital audio controller with audio data processing that supports 16-bit 2-channel format at 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz or 8kHz sampling rate. The device has an integrated USB transceiver, USB core, MCU, DAC, ADC, and I2S Input/Output. It can handle a high-level USB protocol, and manages user interface via general I/O pins.

*USB Specification v1.1 Compliant
*USB Audio and Human Interface Device (HID) Class v1.1 Compliant
*Supports 12 Mbits/sec Full Speed Serial Data Transmission
*Supports 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz, 8kHz sampling rate
*Single oscillator: 6MHz
*Audio buffer size: 192×16 bits × 2
*Total of four Endpoints: Endpoint 0 for control transfer, Endpoint 1 for audio streaming out, Endpoint 2 for streaming in , Endpoint 3 for HID
*Supports stereo/mono playback
*Built-in 2-channel D/A Converter with 10-bit resolution
*Built-in 1-channel A/D converter with 10-bit resolution
*Alternative settings supported by the audio streaming-out interface:
-ALT-0: (default setting) zero isochronous bandwidth
-ALT-1: 16-bit PCM 2 channel
*Alternative settings supported by the audio streaming-in interface:
-ALT-0: (default setting) zero isochronous bandwidth
-ALT-1: 16-bit PCM stereo
*2K×13 on-chip program ROM
*32 bytes of general purpose RAM (R20~R3F)
*RC Oscillator with internal RC
*5 level stack for subroutine nesting
*Total of 12 I/O pins (Port 50 ~ Port 57, Port 60~Port 63)
*Supports buzzer/LED output pin
*Port 5 and Port 6 with pull-up resistors
*Wake-up pin in Port 5 and Port 6
*MCU runs at 6 MHz frequency
*Package: 48-pin LQFP

*Skype + PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

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