This design note shows the ZXSC400 driving a single 3W LED. The input voltage ranges from 1.8V to 3.6V with constant output current of 700mA down to 2.6V with an overall 80% of efficiency.
Figure 1 shows typical constant current solution with ZXSC400 driving one 3W LED. The input
voltage range allows the use of two alkaline batteries or one Lithium Ion cell (CR123A) for
portable flashlight applications.
Q1 and Q2 forms a pseudo Darlington pair which provide enough current gain for a switching
current up to 1.5A. In order to provide better switch off performance, a Schottky diode, D2, is used to drain the base current from the base of Q1 directly. In order to achieve higher efficiency, current monitor U2 is used to provide a low voltage drop LED current sensing through the low ohmic resistor, R2. The LED current is converted to 300mV feedback voltage through R3.

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