The CXD2099AR is a Common Interface (CI) controller IC designed for use with DVB compliant Conditional Access Modules (CAM), POD and PCMCIA type memory cards - performs the communication between a Host microcontroller and the Module/Card. The IC communicates to the Host either by a parallel 68K style interface or a serial I2C compatible connection. Communication between the CXD2099AR and the
Module/Card is greatly simplified by the inclusion of a fully integrated hardware Physical layer.
Parallel and serial MPEG2 Transport Stream interfaces are fully programmable ensuring compatibility to commonly used Front End demodulators and MPEG2 decoders.

Card Interface
• Fully integrated single slot PC Card interface.
• Support for dual slot PC Card interfaces.
• Support for generic PC Card interfaces.
• Full Hardware Hot-swap support.
• Independent support for 3V3 and 5V modules.
• Support for current overload detection.
• Integrated Physical layer with 1Kbyte buffer.
Host Interface
• Choice of Parallel (68K style) or serial (Fast I2C compatible) host bus interface.
• Maskable interrupt capability.
• Programmable HACK.
• 3V3 logic levels.
Transport Stream Interfaces
• Accepts MPEG2 compliant TS.
• Parallel TS interfaces to/from Card (up to 9Mbytes/s).
• Parallel/ serial TS interface from tuner (up to 9Mbytes/s). 72MHz in serial mode.
• Serial TS interface to downstream device (up to 72Mbits/s).
• Four serial input and output modes.
• 27 MHz operating frequency.
• Integrated PLL for serial TS
• 3V3 process
• 5V compatible I/Os for PC Card interface(s)
• LQFP 100-pin package.

• Set Top Box
• Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

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