General Description
The CS5361 is a complete analog-to-digital converter for digital audio systems.
It performs sampling, analog-todigital conversion and anti-alias filtering, generating 24-bit values for both left and right inputs in serial form at sample rates up to 192 kHz per channel.
The CS5361 uses a 5th-order, multi-bit delta-sigma modulator followed by digital filtering and decimation, which removes the need for an external anti-alias filter.
The ADC uses a differential architecture which provides excellent noise rejection.
The CS5361 is ideal for audio systems requiring wide dynamic range, negligible distortion and low noise, such as A/V receivers, DVD-R, CD-R, digital mixing consoles, and effects processors.

*Advanced Multi-bit Delta-Sigma Architecture
*24-Bit Conversion
*114 dB Dynamic Range
*-105 dB THD+N
*System Sampling Rates up to 192 kHz
*Less than 150 mW Power Consumption
* High Pass Filter or DC Offset Calibration
*Supports Logic Levels Between 5 and 2.5V
*Differential Analog Architecture
* Linear Phase Digital Anti-Alias Filtering
*Overflow DetectionFeatures


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