The CS42L51 is a highly integrated, 24-bit, 96 kHz, low power stereo CODEC. Based on multi-bit, delta-sigma modulation, it allows infinite sample rate adjustment between 4 kHz and 96 kHz. Both the ADC and DAC offer many features suitable for low power, portable system applications.
The ADC input path allows independent channel control of a number of features. An input multiplexer selects between line-level or microphone level inputs for each channel. The microphone input path includes a selectable programmable-gain pre-amplifier stage and a low noise MIC bias voltage supply. A PGA is available for line or microphone inputs and provides analog gain with soft ramp and zero cross transitions. The ADC also features a digital volume attenuator with soft ramp transitions. A programmable ALC and Noise Gate monitor the input signals and adjust the volume levels appropriately.
The DAC output path includes a digital signal processing engine. Tone Control provides bass and treble adjustment of four selectable corner frequencies. The Mixer allows independent volume control for both the ADC mix and the PCM mix, as well as a master digital volume control for the analog output. All volume level changes may be configured to occur on soft ramp and zero cross transitions. The DAC also includes de-emphasis, limiting functions and a beep generator delivering tones selectable across a range of two full octaves.
The stereo headphone amplifier is powered from a separate positive supply and the integrated charge pump provides a negative supply. This allows a ground-centered analog output with a wide signal swing and eliminates external DC-blocking capacitors.
In addition to its many features, the CS42L51 operates from a low-voltage analog and digital core, making this CODEC ideal for portable systems that require extremely low power consumption in a minimal amount of space.
The CS42L51 is available in a 32-pin QFN package in both Commercial (-10 to +70° C) and Automotive grades (-40 to +85° C). The CDB42L51 Customer Demonstration board is also available for device evaluation and implementation suggestions. Please see “Ordering Information” on page 85 for complete details.

*24-bit Converters
*4 kHz to 96 kHz Sample Rate
*Multi-bit Delta Sigma Architecture
*Low Power Operation
– Stereo Playback: 12.93 mW @ 1.8 V
– Stereo Record and Playback: 20.18 mW @ 1.8 V
*Variable Power Supplies
– 1.8 V to 2.5 V Digital & Analog
– 1.8 V to 3.3 V Interface Logic
*Power Down Management
– ADC, DAC, CODEC, MIC Pre-Amplifier, PGA
*Software Mode (I²C® & SPI™ Control)
*Hardware Mode (Stand-Alone Control)
*Digital Routing/Mixes:
– Analog Out = ADC + Digital In
– Digital Out = ADC + Digital In
– Internal Digital Loopback
– Mono Mixes
*Flexible Clocking Options
– Master or Slave Operation
– High-Impedance Digital Output Option (for easy MUXing between CODEC and Other Data Sources)
– Quarter-Speed Mode - (i.e. Allows 8 kHz Fs while maintaining a flat noise floor up to 16 kHz)

*HDD & Flash-Based Portable Audio Players
*MD Players/Recorders
*Personal Media Players
*Portable Game Consoles
*Digital Voice Recorders
*Digital Camcorders
*Digital Cameras
*Smart Phones

CS42L51-CNZ, CS42L51-CNZR, CS42L51-DNZ, CS42L51-DNZR


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