The CCD191 is a 6000 element line image sensor designed for scanning applications which require very high resolution, high sensitivity and very wide dynamic range.
Incorporation of on-chip anti-blooming and integration controls allow the CCD191 to be extremely useful in industrial measurement and control environments, or in environments where lighting conditions are difficult to control.
The CCD191 is a third generation device having an overall improved performance compared with first and second generation devices, including enhanced blue response and excellent low light level performance. The photoelement size is 10μm (0.39 mils) x 10μm (0.39 mils) on 10μm (0.39 mils) centers. The device is manufactured using Fairchild Imaging’s advanced chargecoupled device n-channel isoplanar buried-channel technology.

*6000 x 1 photosite array
*10 μm x 10μm photosites on 10μm pitch
*Anti-blooming and integration control
*Enhanced spectral response (particularly in the blue region)
*Excellent low-light-level performance
*Low dark signal
*Very high responsivity
*High speed operation
*Dynamic range typical: 15000:1
*Over 3 V peak-to-peak outputs
*Special selection available - consult factory
*AR coated window

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