The CAT28F512 is a high speed 64K x 8-bit electrically erasable and reprogrammable Flash memory ideally suited for applications requiring in-system or after-sale code updates.
Electrical erasure of the full memory contents is achieved typically within 0.5 second.
It is pin and Read timing compatible with standard EPROM and E2PROM devices.
Programming and Erase are performed through an operation and verify algorithm.
The instructions are input via the I/O bus, using a two write cycle scheme.
Address and Data are latched to free the I/O bus and address bus during the write operation.
The CAT28F512 is manufactured using Catalyst’s advanced CMOS floating gate technology.
It is designed to endure 100,000 program/erase cycles and has a data retention of 10 years.
The device is available in JEDEC approved 32-pin plastic DIP, 32-pin PLCC or 32-pin TSOP packages.

*Fast Read Access Time: 90/120/150 ns
*Low Power CMOS Dissipation:
-Active: 30 mA max (CMOS/TTL levels)
-Standby: 1 mA max (TTL levels)
-Standby: 100 mA max (CMOS levels)
*High Speed Programming:
-10 ms per byte
-1 Sec Typ Chip Program
*12.0V ± 5% Programming and Erase Voltage
*Electronic Signature
*Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges
*Stop Timer for Program/Erase
*On-Chip Address and Data Latches
*JEDEC Standard Pinouts:
-32-pi*TSOP ( 8 x 20)
*100,000 Program/Erase Cycles
*10 Year Data Retention


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