The CAM35C44 with IrDA v1.1 (4Mbps) and Consumer IR support incorporates SMSC’s
advanced Infrared Communications Controller (IrCC 2.0), a 16C550A-compatible UART,
Multiple Host Interface options, flexible Address Decoding and up to five General Purpose I/Os.
The CAM35C44 also features sophisticated power control circuitry to support multiple power
down modes, an on-chip 24MHz crystal oscillator, and 12mA host bus drivers.
The CAM35C44 is particularly suited for 3.3v battery-powered systems.

*Mixed Voltage Support
-Supports 3.3V Operation
-Supports Mixed Internal 3.3V
 Operation with 3.3V/5V External
*Intelligent Auto Power Management
-Supports Multiple Power Down
*Serial Port
-High Speed NS16C550A Compatible
 UART with 16-Byte Send/Receive FIFOs
-Programmable Baud Rate Generator
*Infrared Port
-Multi-Protocol Infrared Interface
-128-Byte Data FIFO
-IrDA 1.1 Compliant (up to 4Mbps)
-Consumer IR
-Programmed I/O and DMA Options
*Up to 5 General Purpose I/O Pins
*Programmable Multi-Protocol Host Interface
-ISA-Style 5 Bit Address and 8 Bit Data Bus
-IOCHRDY and No Wait State Support for Fast IR
-Non-ISA 8 Bit Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
-Programmable Read/Write Interface
-One 8 Bit DMA Channel
-One Programmable IRQ
-Chip Select
-Multihost Interface Support Includes
 Hitachi and Mitsubishi
*24MHz Crystal Oscillator
-Supports Internal or External Clock Source
*48 Pin TQFP Package

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