General Description
 The C3038 is a 1/4” color sensor module with digital output.
It uses OmniVision’s CMOS image sensor OV6630.
Combining CMOS technology together with an easy to use digital interface makes C3038 a low cost solution for higher quality video image application.
The digital video port supplies a continuous 8/16 bit-wide image data stream.
All camera functions, such as exposure, gamma, gain, white balance, color matrix, windowing, are programmable through I2C interface.

* 101,376 pixels, CIF/QCIF format
* Small size : 40 x 28 mm
* Lens: f=4.9mm (Optional)
* 8/16 bit video data : ITU601, ITU656, ZV port
* Read out - progressive
* Data format -YCrCb 4:2:2, GRB 4:2:2, RGB
* I2C interface
* Electronic exposure / Gain / White balance control
* Image enhancement - brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, sharpness, window, etc
* Internal / external synchronization scheme
* Frame exposure / line exposure option
* Wide dynamic range, anti blooming, zero smearing
* 3.3V operation
* Low power dissipation
* Monochrome composite video signal output (50Hz)

Application Example
* Video Conferencing
* PC Multimedia
* Video Phone
* Video Mail
* Still Image
* Machine Vision
* Process control

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