BD95710MUV is a dual-phase switching regulator controller with high output current which can achieve low output voltage (0.4V ~ 3.3V) from AC/DC 5V or 12V. High efficiency for the switching regulator can be realized by utilizing an external N-MOSFET power transistor. A new technology called H3RegTM is a Rohm proprietary control method to realize ultra high transient response against load change without phase compensation capacitance and resistance. For various applications, it is available to select the 3 types of N-MOSFET gate drive voltage (12V: for drive ability, 8V: for intermediate drive ability, 5V: for small real estate).

*H3Reg™ switching Regulator Controller without phase compensation capacitance and resistance
*Ultra High Tolerance Internal Reference Voltage (+/- 1%)
*Thermal Shut Down (TSD), Under Voltage LockOut (UVLO), Adjustable Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short Circuit protection(SCP) built-in
*Soft start function to minimize rush current during startup
*switching Frequency Variable (f=200kHz~1000kHz)
*Internal Bootstrap Diode
*High Tolerance Current Balance Function
*VQFN024V4040 Package (4.0mm x 4.0mm x 1.0mm)
*Integrated 1-/2-phase switching Function

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