■ Secured Silicon (SecSiTM Sector)
— 64 Kbyte Sector Size; Replacement/substitute devices (such as Mirrorbit™) have 256 bytes.
— Factory locked and identifiable: 16 bytes (8words) available for secure, random factory Electronic Serial Number; verifiable as factory locked through autoselect function. ExpressFlash option allows entire sector to be available for factory-secured data
— Customer lockable: Can be programmed once and then permanently locked after being shipped from AMD
■ Zero Power Operation
— Sophisticated power management circuits reduce power consumed during inactive periods to nearly zero.
■ Package options
— 48-pin TSOP
— 48-ball FBGA
■ Sector Architecture
— Eight 8 Kbyte sectors
— Sixty-three 64 Kbyte sectors
■ Top or bottom boot block
■ Manufactured on 0.23 µm process technology
■ Compatible with JEDEC standards
— Pinout and software compatible with single-power-supply flash standard


■ High performance
— Access time as fast 90 ns
— Program time: 7µs/word typical utilizing Accelerate function
■ Ultra low power consumption (typical
— 2 mA active read current at 1 MHz
— 10 mA active read current at 5 MHz
— 200 nA in standby or automatic sleep mode
■ Minimum 1 million erase cycles guaranteed per sector
■ 20 Year data retention at 125°C
— Reliable operation for the life of the system


■ Supports Common Flash Memory Interface(CFI)
■ Erase Suspend/Erase Resume
— Suspends erase operations to allow programming in non-suspended sectors
■ Data# Polling and Toggle Bits
— Provides a software method of detecting the status of program or erase cycles
■ Unlock Bypass Program command
— Reduces overall programming time when issuing multiple program command sequences


■ Any combination of sectors can be erased
■ Ready/Busy# output (RY/BY#)
— Hardware method for detecting program or erase cycle completion
■ Hardware reset pin (RESET#)
— Hardware method of resetting the internal state machine to the read mode
■ WP#/ACC input pin
— Write protect (WP#) function allows protection of two outermost boot sectors, regardless of
sector protect status
— Acceleration (ACC) function provides accelerated program times
■ Sector protection
— Hardware method of locking a sector, either in-system or using programming equipment, to prevent any program or erase operation within that sector
— Temporary Sector Unprotect allows changing data in protected sectors in-system

AM29LV320DT90R AM29LV320DB90R AM29LV320DT90 AM29LV320DT120 AM29LV320DB120

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