The AZ10/100LVEL11 is a differential 1:2 fanout gate.
The device is functionally similar to the E111 device but with higher performance capabilities. Having within-device skews and output transition times significantly improved over the E111, the AZ10/100LVEL11 is ideally suited for those applications that require the ultimate in AC performance.
The differential inputs of the AZ10/100LVEL11 employ clamping circuitry to maintain stability under open input conditions.
If the inputs are left open, the Q outputs will go LOW.
NOTE: Specifications in the ECL/PECL tables are valid when thermal equilibrium is established.

*265ps Propagation Delay
*5ps Skew Between Outputs
*High Bandwidth Output Transitions
*Internal Input Pulldown Resistors
*Operating Range of 3.0V to 5.5V
*Direct Replacement for ON Semi
-MC100LVEL11, MC10EL11
-& MC100EL11
*Transistor Count = 51



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