The APU1206 family of devices are ultra low dropout 1A regulators using PNP transistor as the pass element. These products are ideal when a single input supply is only available and the dropout voltage is less than 1V, exceeding the minimum dropout characteristics of NPN/PNP hybrid regulators. One common application of these regulators is where input is 3.3V and a 2.5V output is needed.
Besides the low dropout of less than 0.5V, other features of the family of the parts are: micro-power shutdown capability and output UVLO detection where Flag pin is switched low when output is below 5% of its nominal point.

*Low Dropout Voltage (500mV at 1A)
*1% Voltage Reference Accuracy
*Low Ground Current
*1μA Maximum Quiescent Current in Shutdown (APU1207, APU1208)
*Fast Transient Response
*Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown
*Error Flag Signal for Output out of Regulation (APU1207, APU1208)
*RoHS Compliant

*2.5V Supply from 3.3V Input for the new generation of Logic ICs
*Computer Mother Board, Add-On Cards
*High Efficiency Post Regulator in Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

APU1207, APU1208, APU1209, APU1206H-18, APU1206K-18

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