General Description
The AP6015 is the first device in a family of low-noise synchronous step-down DC-DC converters. It is ideally suited for systems powered by either a 1-cell Li-ion battery or a 2- to 3-cell NiCd/ NiMH/ Alkaline battery.
The AP6015 is a synchronous PWM converter with integrated N- and P-channel power MOSFET switches. Compared to the asynchronous topology, synchronous rectification offers the benefits of higher efficiency and reduced component count. The high operating frequency of 1MHz allows small inductor and capacitor to be used. This results in small pcb area. During shut-down, the standby current drops to 1μA or less. The AP6015 is available in the 10-pin MSOP package. It operates over a free-air temperature range of -40oC to 85o C.

*High efficiency synchronous step-down converter with greater than 94%
*2.5V to 5.5V operating input voltage range
*Adjustable output voltage range from 0.8V to VIN
*Fixed output voltage options: 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V
*Up to 800mA output current
*High efficiency over a wide range of load currents
*PWM operation mode
*Internal soft-start function
*Typical quiescent current of 150μA
*MSOP-10L: Available in “Green” Molding Compound (No Br, Sb)
*Lead Free Finish/ RoHS Compliant (Note 1)

*Mobile Handsets
*PDAs, Ultra Mobile PCs
*Portable Media Players, Digital Still/Video Cameras
*USB-based DSL Modems

AP6015-18M10G-13, AP6015-25M10G-13, AP6015-33M10G-13, AP6015-M10G-13

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