General Description
The AP2014 controller IC is designed to provide a low cost synchronous Buck regulator for on-board DC to DC converter applications. With the migration of today’s ASIC products requiring low supply voltages such as 1.8V and lower, together with currents in excess of 3A, traditional linear regulators are simply too lossy to be used when input supply is 5V or even in some cases with 3.3V input supply. The AP2014 together with dual N-channel MOSFETs such as AF9410, provide a low cost solution for such applications. This device features an internal 200KHz oscillator (400KHz for "A" version), under-voltage lockout for both Vcc and Vc supplies, an external programmable soft-start function as well as output under-voltage detection that latches off the device when an output short is detected.

*Synchronous Controller in 8-Pin Package
*Operating with single 5V or 12V supply voltage
*Internal 200KHz Oscillator (400KHz for AP2014A)
*Soft-Start Function
*Fixed Frequency Voltage Mode
*500mA Peak Output Drive Capability
*Protects the output when control FET is shorted
*SOP-8L/PDIP-8L Pb-Free package

*Graphic Card
*Hard Disk Drive
*DDR memory source sink Vtt application
*Low cost on-board DC to DC such as 5V to 3.3V, 2.5V or 1.8V

AP2014A, AP2014S, AP2014-AS, AP2014N, AP2014-AN

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