The AN7555Z is an audio power IC developed as the sound output of car audio (35 W ´ 4-channel). It has realized the voltage gain of 40 dB based on the AN7550NZ (voltage gain : 34 dB). A capacitor and resistor to stop oscillation are built in between the output pin and GND so
that a space saving of set is possible. Also, it incorporates a perfect muting circuit without shock noise, so that a shock noise design under the set transient condition can be made easily when used together with its standby function. In addition, it incorporates various protection circuits to protect the IC from destruction by GND-open short circuit to ground, and power supply surge which are the important subject of power IC protection. This IC will largely contribute to a high reliability design of the equipment.

· A pattern layout in which input and output pattern do not intersect each other on single-sided printed circuit board is possible.
· Incorporating various protection circuits (temperature protection, short circuit to VCC , VCC-open short circuit to VCC , short circuit to GND, GND-open short circuit to GND, overvoltage, power supply surge, and ASO, etc.)
· Built-in standby function (shock-noise free at STB-on/ off)
· Built-in muting function (shock-noise free at Mute-on/ off)
· External components reduction
· Provided with beep sound input pin
· Equipped with auxiliary sound input pin
· Voltage gain : 40 dB (AN7550NZ/AN7551Z : Voltage gain : 34 dB)
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