General Description
The AM93LC66 is the 4096-bit non-volatile serial EEPROM.
It is manufactured by using ATC's advanced CMOS EEPROM technology.
The AM93LC66 provides efficient non-volatile read/write memory arranged as 256 words of 16 bits each when the ORG Pin is connected to VCC and 512 words of 8 bits each when it is tied to ground.
The instruction set includes read, write, and write enable/disable functions.
The data out pin (DO) indicates the status of the device during the self-timed non-volatile programming cycle.
The self-timed write cycle includes an automatic erase-before-write capability.
Only when the chip is in the WRITE ENABLE state and proper VCC operation range is the WRITE instruction accepted and thus to protect against inadvertent writes.
 Data is written in 16 bits per write instruction into the selected register.
 If Chip Select (CS) is brought HIGH after initiation of the write cycle, the Data Output (DO) pin will indicate the READY/BUSY status of the chip.
The AM93LC66 is available in space-saving 8-lead PDIP, 8-lead SOP and rotated 8-lead SOP package.

*State-of-the-art architecture
-Non-volatile data storage
-Standard voltage and low voltage operation
Vcc: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
-Full TTL compatible inputs and outputs
-Auto increment read for efficient data dump
*Hardware and software write protection
-Defaults to write-disabled state at power up
-Software instructions for write-enable/disable
-VCC level verification before self-timed
programming cycle
*Advanced low voltage CMOS EEPROM
*Versatile, easy-to-use interface
-Self-timed programming cycle
-Automatic erase-before-write
-Programming status indicator
-Word and chip erasable
-Stop SK anytime for power savings
*Durability and reliability
-40 years data retention
-Minimum of 1M write cycles per word
-Unlimited read cycles
-ESD protection



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