AM452 is an integrated transducer with an adjustable current output which has been specifically designed for the conditioning of differential input signals. It permits the independent adjustment of the offset and fullscale current using just a few components.
The IC consists of various functional modules. In addition to the instrumentation amplifier in the signal path there is an operational amplifier which is used to set the gain. The offset can be adjusted using the Zero adjust stage and/or the SET stage module.
An additional operational amplifier can supply external components. The adjustable current output stage permits 2- and 3-wire operation by way of a simple amendment to the circuitry.
The IC is distinguished by its many protective functions which include protection against reverse polarity and short-circuiting and also an internal current limit.

*Instrumentation amplifier input with a wide voltage range of ±400mV
*Adjustable gain and offset
*Adjustable current output (e.g. of 0/4...20mA)
*2- and 3-wire operation
*Suitable for HART® applications
*Protection against reverse polarity and short-circuiting
*Output signal limiting
*Integrated current source
*Adjustable integrated reference voltage source of 5 to 10V
*Modular configuration
*Supply voltage of 6...35V
*Temperature range of -40°C...+85°C
*RoHS compliant

Transducers for differential input signals in current output values for:
*Transducers for sensor applications with an internal sensing element supply
*Drivers for the analog industrial power grid (e.g. remote display in current loop operation)
*Differential impedance converters
*Carrier for standard HART® protocol communications
*Modular signal conditioning with digital correction

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