The ALD4701 is a quad monolithic CMOS micropower high slew rate operational amplifier intended for a broad range of analog applications using ±1V to ±6V dual power supply systems, as well as +2V to +12V battery operated systems.
All device characteristics are specified for +5V single supply or ±2.5V dual supply systems.
Total supply current for all four operational amplifiers is 1mA maximum at 5V supply voltage.
It is manufactured with Advanced Linear Devices' enhanced ACMOS silicon gate CMOS process.
The ALD4701 is designed to offer a trade-off of performance parameters providing a wide range of desired specifications.
It offers the popular industry standard pin configuration of LM324 types and ICL 7641 types.
The ALD4701 has been developed specifically for the +5V single supply or ±1V to ±6V dual supply user.
Several important characteristics of the device make application easier to implement at these voltages.
First, each operational amplifier can operate with rail to rail input and output voltages.
This means the signal input voltage and output voltage can be equal to or near to the positive and negative supply voltages.
This feature allows numerous analog serial stages and flexibility in input signal bias levels.
Secondly, each device was designed to accommodate mixed applications where digital and analog circuits may operate off the same power supply or battery.
Thirdly, the output stage can typically drive up to 50pF capacitive and 10KW resistive loads.
These features, combined with extremely low input currents, high open loop voltage gain of 100V/mV, useful bandwidth of 700KHz, a slew rate of 0.7V/ms, low power dissipation of 5mW, low offset voltage and temperature drift, make the ALD4701 a versatile, micropower quad operational amplifier.
The ALD4701, designed and fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology, offers 1pA typical input bias current.
Due to low voltage and low power operation, reliability and operating characteristics, such as input bias currents and warm up time, are greatly improved.

* All parameters specified for +5V single supply or ±2.5V dual supply systems
* Rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges
* Unity gain stable
* Extremely low input bias currents -- 1.0pA
* High source impedance applications
* Dual power supply ±1.0V to ±6.0V
* Single power supply +2V to +12V
* High voltage gain
* Output short circuit protected
* Unity gain bandwidth of 0.7MHz
* Slew rate of 0.7V/ms
* Low power dissipation
* Symmetrical output drive

* Voltage follower/buffer/amplifier
* Charge integrator
* Photodiode amplifier
* Data acquisition systems
* High performance portable instruments
* Signal conditioning circuits
* Sensor and transducer amplifiers
* Low leakage amplifiers
* Active filters
* Sample/Hold amplifier
* Picoammeter
* Current to voltage converter



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