The ALD4211/ALD4212/ALD4213 are quad SPST CMOS analog switches specifically designed for low voltage, high speed applications where 0.2pC charge injection, 200pf sampling capacitor, and picoamp leakage current are important analog switch operating characteristics.
These analog switches feature fast switching, low on-resistance and micropower consumption.
TheALD4211/4212/4213 are designed for precision applications such as charge amplifiers, sample and hold amplifiers, data converter switches, and programmable gain amplifiers. These switches are also excellent for low voltage micropower general purpose switching applications.

*3V, 5V and ±5V supply operation
*0.2pC charge injection
*200pF sampling capacitor
*pA leakage current
*0.1mW power dissipation
*High precision
*Rail to rail signal range
*Low On-resistance
*Break-before-make switching

*Fast sample and hold
*Computer peripherals
*Low level signal conditioning circuits
*Portable battery operated systems
*Analog signal multiplexer
*Programmable gain amplifiers
*Switched capacitor circuits
*Micropower based systems
*Video/audio switches
*Feedback control systems

ALD4211 DC, ALD4211 PC, ALD4211 SC, ALD4212 DC, ALD4212 PC, ALD4212 SC

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