The ALD2721E/ALD2721 is a dual monolithic rail-to-rail precision CMOS operational amplifier with integrated user programmable EPAD (Electrically Programmable Analog Device) based offset voltage adjustment. The ALD2721E/ALD2721 is a dual version of the ALD1721E/ALD1721 operational amplifier. Each ALD2721E/ALD2721 operational amplifier features individual, user-programmable offset voltage trimming resulting in significantly enhanced total system performance and user flexibility. EPAD technology is an exclusive ALD design which has been refined for analog applications where precision voltage trimming is necessary to achieve a desired performance. It utilizes CMOS FETs as in-circuit elements for trimming of offset voltage bias characteristics with the aid of a personal computer under software control. Once programmed, the set parameters are stored indefinitely. EPAD offers the circuit designer a convenient and cost-effective trimming solution for achieving the very highest amplifier/system performance.
The ALD2721E/ALD2721 dual operational amplifier features rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges, tolerance to overvoltage input spikes of 300mV beyond supply rails, capacitive loading up to 50pF, extremely low input currents of 0.01pA typical, high open loop voltage gain, useful bandwidth of 700KHz, slew rate of 0.7V/ms, and low typical supply current of 200mA for both amplifiers.

*EPAD ( Electrically Programmable Analog Device)
*User programmable VOS trimmer
*Computer-assisted trimming
*Rail-to-rail input/output
*Compatible with standard EPAD Programmer
*Each amplifier VOS can be trimmed to a different Vos level
*High precision through in-system circuit trimming
*Reduces or eliminates VOS, PSRR, CMRR and TCVOS errors
*System level “calibration” capability
*Application Specific Programming mode
*In-System Programming mode
*Electrically programmable to compensate for external component tolerances
*Achieves 0.01pA input bias current and 35mV input offset voltage with micropower
*Low voltage operation

*Sensor interface circuits
*Transducer biasing circuits
*Capacitive and charge integration circuits
*Biochemical probe interface
*Signal conditioning
*Portable instruments
*High source impedance electrode amplifiers
*Precision Sample and Hold amplifiers
*Precision current to voltage converter
*Error correction circuits
*Sensor compensation circuits
*Precision gain amplifiers
*Periodic In-system calibration
*System output level shifter

ALD2721EDB, ALD2721ESB, ALD2721E PB, ALD2721DB ALD2721SB ALD2721PB

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