The ALD2303A/ALD2303 is a precision monolithic high performance dual voltage comparator built with advanced silicon gate CMOS technology. It features very high typical input impedance of 1012W; low input bias current of 10pA; very low power dissipation of 7.5mA per comparator; and single (+5V) or dual (±5V) power supply operation.
The input voltage range includes ground, making this comparator ideal for single supply low level signal detection with high source impedance. The ALD2303A/ALD2303 can be used in connection with other voltage comparator circuits such as the ALD2301/ALD2302/ALD4302 voltage comparators. The output can be connected to a higher external voltage than V+.
The ALD2303A/ALD2303 is ideal for high precision micropower voltage comparator applications, especially low level signal detection circuits requiring low standby power, yet retaining high output current capability.

*3V, 5V and 12V supply
*Guaranteed to drive 200W loads
*Fanout of 30LS TTL loads
*Guaranteed maximum supply current of 20mA for each comparator
*Pinout of LM193 type industry standard comparators
*Extremely low input bias currents -- 10pA
*Virtually eliminates source impedance effects
*Single (+5V) and dual supply (±5V) operation
*CMOS, NMOS and TTL compatible
*Open drain wired-OR outputs
*High output sinking current -- 60mA
*Low supply current spikes
*High gain -- 100V/mV

*Sensor detection circuits
*PCMCIA instruments
*MOSFET driver
*High source impedance voltage comparison circuits
*Multiple limit window comparator
*Power supply voltage monitor
*Photodetector sensor circuit
*High speed LED driver
*Battery operated instruments
*Remote signal detection
*Multiple relay drivers

ALD2303ADA, ALD2303ASA, ALD23023PA
ALD2303SA, ALD2303PA, ALD2303SAL, ALD2303PAL


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