The ALD2302A/ALD2302 are monolithic precision high performance dual voltage comparators built with advanced silicon gate CMOS technology.
The primary features are: very high typical input impedance of 1012W; low input bias current of 10pA; fast response time of 180ns; very low power dissipation of 175mA per comparator; and single (+5V) or dual (±5V) power supply operation.
The input voltage range includes ground, which makes these comparators ideal for single supply low level signal detection with high source impedance.
The outputs can source and sink current allowing for application flexibility.
They can be used in either wired-OR connection without pull-up resistor or push-pull configuration.
The ALD2302A/ALD2302 can also be used in wired-OR connection with other open
drain circuits such as the ALD2301/ALD2303 voltage comparators.
The ALD2302A/ALD2302 voltage comparators are ideal for a great variety of applications, especially in low level signal detection circuits which require low standby power and high output current.
For quad packages, use the ALD4302 quad voltage comparator.

* Guaranteed to drive 200W loads
* Fanout of 30LS TTL loads
* Low supply current of 175mA each comparator
* Pinout of LM193 type industry standard comparators
* Extremely low input bias currents -- 10pA
* Virtually eliminates source impedance effects
* Low operating supply voltage of 4V to 12V
* Single (+5V) and dual supply (±5V) operation
* High speed for both large and small signals -- 180ns for TTL inputs and 400ns for 20mV overdrive
* CMOS, NMOS and TTL compatible
* Push-pull outputs-current sourcing/ sinking
* High output sinking current -- 60mA
* Low supply current spikes

* PCMCIA instruments
* MOSFET driver
* High source impedance voltage comparison circuits
* Multiple limit window comparator
* Power supply voltage monitor
* Photodetector sensor circuit
* High speed LED driver
* Oscillators
* Battery operated instruments
* Remote signal detection
* Multiple relay drivers


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