The AIC7660 is a monolithic CMOS switched capacitor voltage converter. Designed to be an improved direct replacement for the popular 7660 and LTC1044, the main function of the AIC7660 is to convert a positive input voltage in the range of 1.5V to 6V to the corresponding negative
output voltage in the range of -1.5V to -6V. The input voltage can also be doubled (VOUT = 2VIN), divided (VOUT = VIN /2), or multiplied (VOUT = ±nVIN), as shown in application examples.
The chip contains a series DC power supply regulator, oscillator, control circuitry and four output power MOS switches. The frequency of oscillator can be lowered by the addition of an external capacitor to the OSC pin, or the oscillator may be over-driven by an external clock.
The boost function is available to raise the oscillator frequency to optimize performance in specific applications. The “LV” terminal may be tied to GND to improve low input voltage (VIN ≤3.0V) operation, or be left floating for input voltage larger than 3.0V to improve power dissipation.
The AIC7660 provides performance superior to previous designs by combining low output impedance, low quiescent current with high efficiency, and by eliminating diode drop voltage losses. The only required external components are two low cost electrolytic capacitors.

*Lowest Output Impedance (Typical 35Ω at VIN=5V).
*Improved Direct Replacement for the Popular 7660.
*1.5V to 6V Operation.
*No External Diode Required.
*Simple Conversion of +5V to -5V.
*Low Quiescent Current (Typical 36μA at VIN=5V).
*High Power Efficiency (Typical 98%)
*Boost Pin for Higher Switching Frequency.
*Improved SCR Latch-up Protection.

*RS-232 Power Supplies.
*Handheld Instruments.
*Data Acquisition Systems.
*Supply Splitter, VOUT= ±VIN /2.
*Operational Amplifier Supplies.
*Panel Meter.


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